Improving Your Visitor Experience in Museums and Galleries
By Adding Digital Value to Physical Artwork

Use your phone to scan the QR Code below or click here to see what a visitor sees



Benefit Summary

Improved Visitor Experience

Visitors can take advantage of a more immersive experience to interact with your works.

Reduced Audio Costs

No need to buy/rent and inventory audio kit as audio is delivered via the visitor's smartphone.

Increased Revenue Potential

Visitors can buy postcards, posters or books from within the app whether on-site or at-home.


What Is It?

For Museums & Galleries

Viziwork is for museums and galleries who want visitors to interact with their artwork.

For Augmenting Artwork

Viziwork adds digital value to physical artworks and optimizes revenue opportunities.

For Improved Visitor Service

Viziwork delivers added-value services to visitors by phone both on-site and at-home.


How Does It Work?


The visitor sees a QR code displayed next to the artwork on an info panel


The visitor snaps the code with any QR code reader on their smart phone


The visitor can access value-added services via their phone on-site/at-home

Home Button

Button to home page listing all artwork

Download PDF

Button to download 'more info' PDF

Buy Stuff

Button to store page to buy stuff

phone page

Audio Guide

Listen to an MP3 audio guide

Work Image

Image of work

Work Details

Brief info about work

Plans & Pricing

Free and Premium Plans

£0 / year
  • 1 Admin User
  • 1 Museum/Gallery
  • 1 Collection
  • 10 Artworks
  • Basic Analytics
  • Online Support Only
Setup Plan
Single Location
£250 / year
  • Up to 5 Admin Users
  • 1 Museum/Gallery
  • Up to 10 Collections
  • Up to 100 Artworks
  • Enhanced Analytics
  • Email and Online Support
Setup Plan
Custom Plan
£TBD / year
  • >5 Users
  • >1 Location
  • >10 Collections
  • >100 Artworks
  • Custom Analytics
  • Custom Support
Setup Plan

A ViziApp created by Stewart McKie to help museums and galleries deliver more added-value services to their visitors.


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